DLA2022 Pre-/Post- Conference On-Line Software Workshops

 LandsDesign: BIM Features and Landscape Modelling with Lands Design

Schedule: Weds Jun 8, 11:00p – 12:30p EDT

On-Line Link: to be provided by Workshop Presenters.

Presenters: Elham Ghabouli, Francesc Salla, Asuni.com


Lands Design is a landscape design software enhanced with BIM technology. It has 2 versions working as plugins for AutoCAD and for Rhino. This workshop presents the main characteristics of Lands Design by developing a landscape design project, from drawing to 3D modelling. The software’s key features will be addressed in this session. These include tools for terrain modelling, hardscape, vegetation, visualization and documentation. Learning Objectives :

– Learn how to model a landscape with 3D modelling tools in Land Design, including how to create and edit terrains, insert vegetation elements, and work with hardscape tools.
– View the project documentation process: generate drawings and lists of materials.
– See how Grasshopper integration works: how to automate a parametric design process with Grasshopper’s Lands Design components.
– Get a preview of the visualization tools: animations, rendering options and virtual tours.
– Hints of how to run Lands Design as a Revit plugin with the Rhino.Inside technology

Note: No additional registration fee; but you must have a paid Conference registration to be registered for the workshop For details look for email from workshop leaders in the weeks before the workshop date on June 8, 2022 or June 11, 2022..

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