Poster Exhibition

“Hybrid  Digital Landscape Architecture”

For the DLA2022 Hybrid Conference  June  2022, current students and recent graduates are invited to submit original design / artwork; the only requirement, other than size & format (MUST BE A4 PROPORTIONS; MUST BE PDF) , is that all work must demonstrate / explore / exemplify “Hybrid Digital Landscape Architecture”.

All submissions will be reviewed by DLA authors as well as conference participants. Prizes in several categories will be offered, including software licenses from DLA2022 Sponsors.

When entering the Poster submission ‘OpenConf’ system at the link below, note that this process requires 2 Steps: First Make Submission, and then Upload File. First, in the SUBMISSION application, you must enter your name & contact information, (be sure to include all authors if several — up to 6) and indicate your organizational affiliation (school, or other) and use the ‘Content/Abstract’ Field to provide a short description of your poster, and set a password that you will use. After the submission is complete, you will receive an auto-generated ‘Submission ID’ number in your email. Only then will you be able to return to the poster submission page and UPLOAD your A4 PDF File. You will need your submission ID, and the password that you have set for yourself, in order to upload your file; which must be PDF in A4 format.