New in 2022 : DLA Mentorship Program

The annual International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference and its companion JoDLA journal depend on the growing international digital landscape architecture community; and that community, like any growing entity, depends on both mature members and annual new-growth (“standing wood” and “new blood” in mixed forestry/human organizational terms.) 

In order to foster the growth of the DLA community, its many global contributing individuals and institutions, and to encourage increasing awareness of, and excellence in developing and communicating about, exponentially expanding digital technological applications across these several domains, the DLA2022 Conference Planning Committee has proposed to develop a ‘Mentorship’ program to support and encourage both old-hands and newcomers to communicate, possibly meet in person, and in any event exchange ideas and activities, at a pace to be determined individually, but not limited only to once-a-year meetings at the annual DLA conference. 

The program is open to all DLA conference participants. 

Mentees: As a mentee, you will find a dedicated senior advisor outside your immediate institution who will provide guidance and feedback on your research projects and give general career advice. Through the program, you may foster further education opportunities (e.g., doctoral positions) and career and collaboration opportunities (e.g., post-doctoral positions, visiting lectureship, apprenticeship, project consulting etc.). 

Mentors: As a mentor, you will be added to the DLA mentor database. You can connect with enthusiastic young scholars and practitioners worldwide who work in your field. You may foster collaborative opportunities outside your institution and solicit potential candidates for your practice, school, lab or research program.

Note: You’re never too un-qualified, nor over-qualified, to be either — or both !

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We will help match mentors and mentees based on their research interests and facilitate communications. It is expected that the relationship will be at least year-long, possibly longer, at a schedule/ frequency as determined by the mentors and mentees.

Mentorship Program Administrator for 2022-2023 is  Zihao Zhang Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture, Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York

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