DLA2022 Pre-/Post- Conference On-Line Software Workshops

 Preview Future Laubwerk Plants Integration in Vectorworks Landmark

Schedule: Weds Jun 8, 2:00p – 2:50p EDT & Sat Jun 11, 2:00p – 2:50p EDT

On-Line Link: to be provided by workshop Presenters.

Presenters: Philip Paar, Laubwerk


Laubwerk and Vectorworks have joined forces to bring 3D planting design to the next level. This workshop will preview future integration of Laubwerk Plants – a collection of curated, realistic 3D plants designed specifically for landscape designers, architects, and CG artists – inside Vectorworks. The Laubwerk plugin will enable Landmark users to insert plant models into their 3D scenes quickly and easily, avoiding the usual slowdowns from overly complicated parameters or excess memory usage. Laubwerk and Vectorworks makes this possible by providing just the right amount of options in their 3D tree models, without overwhelming the user or their computer. Each tree model comes in three shapes, with three ages, and four seasons per shape. Adjustable detail level settings mean that each tree looks great without slow navigation or long rendering times.

Learning Objectives :

Participants in this workshop will
– Gain an understanding of how adjacent technologies can integrate, empowering landscape architecture professionals to approach their design and visualizations with more confidence.
– Explore how changing plant parameters such as detail levels, seasonality, and variations of age and shape can provide the designer, collaborator and clients with essential visualizations to make more informed decisions about planting on sites.
– Apply different representation modes of Plants for 3D views, renderings and 2D sections and planting plans.
– Determine whether to display plants independently, or within smart plant objects, depending on how a project should be visualized and documented.

Note: No additional registration fee; but you must have a paid Conference registration to be registered for the workshop

For details look for email from workshop leaders in the weeks before the workshop date on June 8, 2022 or June 11, 2022..

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