DLA2022 Pre- / Post- Conference On-Line Software Workshops

  Land Kit: Plant Kit

Schedule: Sat Jun 11, 1:00p – 3:00p EDT

On-Line Link: to be provided by workshop Presenters.

Presenters: Ben Summay and Chris Landau


Take advantage of computational planting design to increase ecological performance, visualize bloom and plant growth, and iterate with rules-driven design. This workshop will introduce participants to Plant Kit’s fundamental capabilities: collect environment analysis layers, create plants from data, apply rules for plant placement, dynamically fill planting areas, and visualize. We will begin with these basic steps and elaborate on ways this plugin for Grasshopper and Rhino can create layered and scalable workflows for exploring planting design. Plant Kit is part of the Land Kit plugin, a set of free tools that have powerful Pro components you can unlock with a Pro Key subscription. Participants will receive access to a 90-day Pro Key.

Participants will learn how to place plants based on environmental and design constraints, evaluate planting designs, and export plants for documentation and visualization. Knowledge of the Rhino (and Grasshopper), software for advanced design processes, is encouraged but not required.

Learning Objectives :

– Make the most of Grasshopper for rules-driven planting design with relatively simple inputs and scripts.
– Learn how to import plant data from a simple spreadsheet.
– Add analysis layers to your “Environment” and create corresponding niches for plants.
– Learn to pack plants organically into a planting area or in a pattern.
– Learn how Plant Kit can be used for other site design and planning tasks.
– Learn to process multiple planting areas in a single iterative workflow.

Note: No additional registration fee; but you must have a paid Conference registration to be registered for the workshop

For details look for email from workshop leaders in the weeks before the workshop date on June 8, 2022 or June 11, 2022..

Questions or Problems, email dla2022Conf@gmail.com