DLA2022 Pre-/Post- Conference On-Line Software Workshops

  Land Kit: Topo Kit

Schedule: Weds Jun 8, 1:00p – 3:00p EDT

On-Line Link: to be provided by workshop Presenters.

Presenters: Ben Summay and Chris Landau


Site design is fundamentally three dimensional and iterative, but designing landscapes in 3D is incredibly challenging. Topo Kit can help you design your site and grading with tools that allow for continuous iteration. Given simple 2D and 3D inputs, Topo Kit workflows can provide outputs like area plans, 3D walls, 3D meshes or surfaces, and contours. Topo Kit is part of the Land Kit plugin, a set of free tools that have powerful Pro components you can unlock with a Pro Key subscription. Participants will receive access to a 90-day Pro Key.

Participants will learn how to integrate 3D site features, grading, and area plans into a continuous and evolving design workflow. Knowledge of the Rhino (and Grasshopper), software for advanced design processes, is encouraged but not required.

Learning Objectives :

– Make the most of Grasshopper for 3D site design with relatively simple inputs and scripts.
– Learn how to grade without contours.
– Create area plans in more intuitive ways using surface areas and collage-like methodologies.
– Learn how to iterate your design in 3D.
– Learn to leverage site grading modifications like Grade Topo, Sculpt Topo, and Smooth Topo.

Note: No additional registration fee; but you must have a paid Conference registration to be registered for the workshop

For details look for email from workshop leaders in the weeks before the workshop date on June 8, 2022 or June 11, 2022..

Questions or Problems, email dla2022Conf@gmail.com