Student   Poster Exhibition & Competition

“Hybrid Digital Landscape Architecture”

For the DLA2022 Hybrid Conference  June 9-10 2022, we invite current students and recent graduates (less than 2 years, i.e. 2021 and 2022 grads) from relevant disciplines to submit original design / artwork as a Poster in ‘A1’ size (1: 1.414,  2384 px X 3370 px Max., Landscape or Portrait , PDF format only)   for exhibition in an On-Line Gallery, and evaluation for prizes by conference participants. The only requirement other than size, format, deadline and legible identification* ) is that each submission must demonstrate / explore / exemplify “Hybrid Digital Landscape Architecture” — whatever that may mean !  Work produced for academic coursework is acceptable.  All posters will be judged by DLA participants; winners will be eligible for valuable prizes (software licenses donated by sponsors) as well as bragging rights. Poster authors are encouraged to register and attend the DLA2022 Conference at 2022.dla-conference.com/Registration . (Conference Registration is not required to submit a poster, but you will not be able to see the Poster Gallery, or attend the Prize Ceremony, without registration.)

* Please include title, Author’s name(s) and school or other organizational affiliation legibly along bottom margin.

See one example DLA2021 Prize-Winning Poster :
“A New Approach to IoT”
by Z Shirzadian, R Naamipouran, F Askari

When entering the Poster submission ‘OpenConf’ system at the link below, note that this process requires 2 Steps: First ‘Make Submission’, and then ‘Upload File’. First, in the SUBMISSION application, you must enter your name & contact information, (be sure to include all authors if several — up to 6) and indicate your organizational affiliation (school, or other) and use the ‘Content/Abstract’ Field to provide a short description of your poster, and set a password that you will use. After the submission is complete, you will receive an auto-generated ‘Submission ID’ number in your email. Only then will you be able to return to the poster submission page and UPLOAD your A1 PDF File. You will need your submission ID, and the password that you have set for yourself, in order to upload your file; which must be PDF in A1 format.

Submit your poster as a PDF file by by Midnight June 5, 2022 at the link below. Authors will receive email confirmation.

To Submit your A1 PDF poster, click here.