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Paper Session #4

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Fri, June 10 10:30a-12:30p

Session 4A: Mobile Technologies
& Addressing Climate Change
Moderator: Jörg Rekittke

< See Vimeo Video of Session 4A>


Verena Vogler A New Framework for Artificial Coral Reef Design
Travis Flohr An ENVI-met Simulation Data Pipeline for Evaluating Urban Tree Patterns Impact on Urban Micro-climate
Michael White Embedded Sensors in the Landscape: Measuring On-site Plant Stress Factors
Marija Knezevic Change Detection and Analysis of Landscapes Based on a Spatio-temporal Landscape Information Model
Nergis Aşar Communication’s Roles in Human Environment Relations and Their Changes with Information and Communication Technologies
Seyed Taher Khalilnezhad Using Twitter as a Means of Understanding the Impact of Distance and Park Size on Park Visiting Behavior (Case Study: London) users’ attitudes with the application of Natural Language Processing
Muge Unal Cilek Tourism Climate Index under Climate Change Scenarios: Aegean and Mediterranean Regions
Zhongzhe Shen Improving Landscape Performance Measurements: Using Smart Sensors for Longitudinal Air Quality Data Tracking


Session 4B: Digital LA in Practice
& Drones/UAVs
Moderator: Adam Mekies

< See Vimeo Video of Session 4B>

James Palmer Cumulative Viewsheds in Wind Energy Visual Im-pact Assessments and How They Are Interpreted
Fengjing LI Assessing the Green View Index in Chinese Cities: An Example with Data from Eighty Cities.
Zuzana Fialová Visualization of Woody Vegetation Changes in 3D Point Clouds
Vincent Javet UAV Site Surveying: Application of Drone Imagery in the Design Process, Pre- and Post-Occupancy
Hope H Hasbrouck Scan, Immerse & Learn: VR Enabled Field Study
Don Royds Landscape Modelling of a Protected Cultural Land-scape: Kura Tāwhiti Conservation Area
Brendan Harmon Point Cloud Aesthetics
Yuyang Peng Towards a Practical Method for Voxel-based Visibility Analysis with Point Cloud Data for Landscape Architects. Jichang Garden (Wuxi, China) as an Example
Anja Zaidi Hybrid Landscapes of India: Communicators Between the Worlds

* Note: Order of speakers in person or on Video may not match order presented here; all videos may not be available.