Session #1

Paper Session #2

Session #3


Thurs, June 9 2:00p – 4:00p


Session 2A: Data Science
& Landscape Information Modeling
Moderator: Brent Chamberlain

< see Vimeo Video of Session 2A >


Guifang Wang Comparison of Least-cost Path and UNICOR Cumulative Resistant Kernel Analyses in Mapping Ecological Connectivity Networks in Luohe Region, China
Michael White Simulation and Visualisation of Plant Growth Using a Functional-structural Model
Wei Zhang Semantic Urban Vegetation Modelling based on an Extended CityGML Description
YONG GUO Modeling Urban Tree Growth for Digital Twins: Transformation of Point Clouds into Parametric Crown Models
Ervine Shengwei Lin The Linking of Microclimatic Simulations and Planting Design Using a Species-level Building Information Modelling (BIM) Vegetation Library
Ilona Brückner Interdisciplinary Planning and Building in a BIM-oriented Manner
Mincong Wang Modelling the Long-term, Cumulative Impacts of Upstream Meander Restoration on the Downstream Channel’s Geomorphology
Yueshan Ma A Comparison of GIS-based Methods for Modelling Walking Accessibility of Parks in Guangzhou Considering Different Population Groups

Session 2B: Teaching Digital LA
& Hybrid Landscapes
Moderator: Mark Lindquist

< see Vimeo Video of Session 2B> 


Liyun Zeng Bibliometric Analysis and Science Mapping Ap-proach in Digital Landscape Published in WoS and JoDLA from 2010 to 2021
Kenya Endo Augmenting and Virtualising Landscape Architectural Teaching and Learning
Artan Hysa Blue-Green Factor (BGF) Indication as a Hybrid Method for Mapping the Spatial-temporal Dynamics of Post Socialist Urban Landscapes
James Barnes Cultivation, Computation, and the Morphological Intelligence of Plants: Deepening the Human-Botanical Relationship in the Landscape
Nadia Amoroso Generative Design in Landscape Architecture: Defining Three Design Scripts for Beginners
Hans-Georg Schwarz-v.Raumer Levels to Address Human-Nature Relations in Cities Through Geo-data Processing Strategies – A Mini-Review
Kirby Barrett Design Visualizations: Does Graphic Production Impact Development of Technical Design Skills?
Zihao Zhang Post-digital Landscape and Post-digital Culture
Emily Schlickman Cataloguing Positive Outcomes of Online Studio Instruction During COVID-19
James Melsom Representing Dynamic Landscapes: Temporal Pointcloud Visualisation Applications in Complex Ecologies – The Case Study of the 2020 Rosedale Fires


* Note: Order of speakers in person or on Video may not match order presented here; all videos may not be available.