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Paper Session #1

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Session 1A:  Algorithmic Approaches
& Visualization Techniques
Moderator: Madeleine Brown

See Vimeo video of Session 1A

Adam Mekies From Curves to Aggregation: A Computational Tool-set from a Broader Thesis on Geotechnical Urbanism
Nathan Fox Towards Gamified Decision Support Systems: In-game 3D Representation of Real-word Landscapes from GIS Datasets & remotely sensed data
David Barbarash Automated Recording of Human Movement Using an Artificial Intelligence Identification and Mapping System
Jörg Rekittke ///flood.landscape.autopsy – Digital Post-disaster Retrospection for Sustainable Design Decision Making
Jun Yang From Intuition to Reasoning: Analyzing Correlative Attributes of Walkability in Urban Environments with Machine Learning
Matthias Vollmer Modeling Urban Complexity in Point Clouds and Sound
Steven Velegrinis Cyborg Landscapes – Realizing Climate Change Reversal and Self Sufficiency through Technologically Enhanced Landscapes
Mariusz Hermansdorfer Multi-objective Optimization of Digital Terrain Models for Climate Adaptation Planning
Xun Liu RiverGAN: Fluvial Landform Generation Based on Physical Simulations and Generative Adversarial Network


Session 1B: Mixed Reality
& Geodesign
Moderator: Ulrike Wissen Hayek

See Vimeo video of Session 1B

Allan Shearer Expanding the Use of Scenarios in Geodesign: Engaging Uncertainty of the Anthropocene
Ulrike Wissen Hayek VR Landscapes for Therapy of Gait Insecurity
Yuqi Chi Identification of Ecological Sources in Urban Built-Up Areas — A Case Study of Harbin
Zaixian Piao Which Tangible or Intangible Elements of Streetscape are More Critical for Pedestrian Comfort? – Focus on Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation
Hossein Saedi A Deeper Understanding of the Impact on the Restorative Quality of Green Environments as Related to the Location and Duration of Visual Interaction
Michele Campagna Geodesign in the Planning Practice: Lessons Learnt from Experience in Italy
Suna Korkmaz The Optimal D:H Ratio Assessment for Sense of Enclosure in Virtual Landscapes
Sepehr Vaez Afshar Pattern Analysis of Virtual Landscape Within Educational Games
Hanjun Kim Depicting a Landscape Architectural Installation Using Augmented Reality


* Note: Order of speakers in person or on Video may not match order presented here; all videos may not be available.